Easy DIY Ring Toss Tutorial


I love going to parties and weddings that have old fashioned backyard games as a form of entertainment. So for the recently featured “Prime Wine Party” I made two wine bottle ring toss sets for guests to play with when they were hanging out. These are great because they are easy to make, cheap, and I can reuse them for future parties! Also, I can switch the bottles out for other things so that I am not strictly stuck with a wine theme. For example, I could do soda bottles and paint them a bright color for a kids party, or champagne bottles and glitter for a New Years Eve party. I just happened to have a lot of bottles of cheap wine…. but empty bottles would have worked as well.

What you will need:

-Small wood crate (One for every Ring Toss Set. They sell them at Michael’s for approx.. $5-$7)

-Paint Brush or Foam Paint Brush

-Black Paint

-Paint Color of your choice for crates (I mixed white and an off white/tan color to combine for a vintage look)

-Letter Stencils (Font of choice, w/tape to hold stencils in place)

-Sand Paper

-Crochet Yarn (Whatever color you want the rings to be)

-3 Plastic Crochet Hoops/Purse Handles (Michael’s & Joann’s sell these)

-Hot glue gun

-5 bottles per crate (This can be any type of bottle and you can use your creative freedom to decorate them if you want. I just used two buck chuck wine bottles)


Place crates on newspapers and set up your station.

Paint the edges and borders of box in black. (After sanding the black will come through and make the boxes look shabby cute)

Choose your desired paint color.

Paint crates at least 2 times. (I painted twice)

Tape the stencils to wood, then paint. IMG_0486

Wait a few minutes before removing stencil to ensure you don’t dra any excess paint and smear the letters. IMG_0487

Grab some sand paper and begin sanding all the edges (that you previously painted black). Also sand the words “Ring Toss.”



Tie the crochet yarn to the rings.

Tightly wrap yarn around rings. IMG_0522

Tie off strings and then use your hot glue gun to secure the knots to the rings (Which I haven’t done yet in this photo).

All done and at the party.

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