February R+F Products : {Scrub, Tanner, & Lip Serum)

Every month I get to try new Rodan + Fields products and I want to share my thoughts and results with you all!  I never want to recommend a product that does not work and that I don’t personally believe in, so I will try and post these videos monthly so you all can really see for yourselves what the products are like, and how they work, and their legitimacy.  Let me know if you all ever want me to feature a certain product! XOXO


Makeup Routine : {For My Date Night}

Sorry in advance that this is a long video, but I had to really break down my routine explain everything and time got away from me!  Hope you enjoy!

(See below for products referenced in the video)

The Products I use: 

Maskcara Double Decker Palette


Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Mac Studio Fix Powder

Sephora Stippling Brush

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Nars Concealer

Ben Nye Banana Powder

RCMA No Color Powder

Maskcara 30 second Hack Brush

Nars Laguna (Contour/Bronzer)

Mac Margin & Peachy Blush

Nars Orgasm Blush

Nars Copacobana The Multiple (Highlighter)

Contour brush

Becca Champagne Pop


Maskcara eyeshadows  (kin & Coco)

Mac Teddy Eyeliner (Bottom)

Mac Costa Riche Eyeliner (Bottom)

Mac Stubborn Brown Eyeliner (Top)

Mac Brule Eye Shadow

NYX Wonder Pencil

Mac Blender Brush


Kelly Baker Brows Brush

Anastasia Brow wiz


Eyeliner for wings:

Mac Buried Treasure Liner

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner


Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

L’oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara


NYX Natural Liner

Mac Morning Coffee

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Koko K and Candy K

L’oreal LipMatte


Hair Styling Products : {My Favorite For Beach Waves}

I mentioned in my last post the products I was using on my hair, and this video shows how I use them after I have curled my hair.  Enjoy!


Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play 

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream 

Not your mother’s dry shampoo

Enzo Milano 25mm wand

My Hair Care Routine : {And How I get Volume!}

I love having long hair, but it can get HEAVY!  So it is really important to me to create volume when doing my hair, but to also keep my hair healthy.  This video will break down everything I do to my hair post-shower.  I will save the styling video for another post!  I will post links to the products below the video!

The best brush for detangling without pulling out a lot of hair.  It is gentler and works great on kids too.  You can buy it here.  

Does 10 things including is a leave in conditioner, and protectant.  Buy it here

This is the knock off version of the “It’s a 10” and is much cheaper.  Can be bought here

I only use this on the crown of my head, start at my roots and blend out.  It can be bought here. 

This can be added to the top of your head as well for extra volume.  You can buy it hereThis is a great hair treatment for your hair when wet, but I also use a bit sometimes at the tips of my hair when it’s really dry.  You can buy it here.  The other oil option I like and I honestly prefer this one can be bought here.  Fekkai Brilliant glossing is the ending to all my styles.  Buy it here

Not your Mother’s dry shampoo can be bought here.  I love their scents and it’s cheap!

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play (nothing better for volume) can be bought here.

That’s it!  I would love to hear any volumizing tips you all might have!



Why I decided to be a Rodan + Fields Consultant : {Confessions of a Skincare Snob}

I am a skincare and beauty skeptic and snob…no doubt.  I know skin, I buy good products, and I do my research.  However, I am usually really skeptical about trying anything new (mostly because my skin is prone to breakouts when trying new products).

I fell in love with everything beauty in high school, and much to my grandma’s dismay, I decided to not go to college, but go to Cosmetology school to pursue makeup and skin.  As I went to school, I began working in a laser medspa.  I worked in laser medspa’s for the next 5 years and really, I feel like I never left.  My mom, which I have mentioned before, is a national laser trainer for medspas (when a doctor’s office buys a laser, she trains the staff), and still treats her longtime clients on the weekends.  Whenever I can, I pop into the doctor’s office she is working at and help, get a treatment, work the front desk, or attend a training with her….because I just love it!  So because of her job, and my love of all things skin and beauty, I have never strayed too far.  In my 20’s and early 30’s, I moved away from skin and beauty being my job, and got “real jobs” in the business world, and beauty became my hobby.  One of my favorite things to do at night when I lie in bed is to search celebrity dermatologists and skin care regimens, watch makeup tutorials online, follow beauty bloggers and read their tips and tricks, and insta-stalk celebrities to see their beauty tips.  What can I say, I love it!  I will confess that I also watch a lot of hip hop dance videos on instagram at night too…but thats for another blog post :).

Over the years I have been asked by several people if I wanted to use my passion and love for beauty, and be an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields…and I have always said no.  I said no for 2 reasons:

 1.  I didn’t know the products, and like I said, I am a snob when it comes to trying new beauty things out.

2.  We have all been approached by someone selling something and it can feel uncomfortable if not handled in the right way.  This was always my concern regarding multi-level marketing: I am worried about being “so extra” and pushing my friends and family away because of my pushiness or because they thought I was always trying to sell them something.

But about a year ago my skepticism began to slowly change….what changed it?…a little product called LASHBOOST.  If collagen injections gave Kylie Jenner’s lips wings to fly, then Lashboost gave the same effect to my lashes.  I wrote a blog (prior to becoming a R+F Consultant) about my lash struggles.  But in a nutshell Lashboost transformed my lashes….this stuff was a game changer for me. I can’t tell you how many times I have sworn by this and recommended it to others.  Even though this product was amazing, it still didn’t convince me to become a consultant, it did however begin to help me let down my skepticism wall that I had up.

Fast Forward to our move to Texas:  I had left my job in California and decided to embrace going to school full-time to finish my bachelors degree in Business…but I still wanted and needed to do some work, ideally from home.  I picked up some side business work like bookkeeping and administrative things, but nothing full time.  I have been in a strange position here in Texas in regards to career moves:  I couldn’t work full time because of childcare and school, but I missed working…and working doing something that felt in tune with my passions and giftedness.  I spent months praying for direction and discernment on what (if anything) my next move should be.  Then entered my friend Adrienne.  Adrienne is a Rodan+Fields consultant (4 years now) who I met at my church through a young mom’s ministry.  I joined because I wanted to meet people/friends, and I quickly found one in Adrienne.  Adrienne never pushed R+F on me annoyingly and was just a good friend, but I honestly saw how successful she was in her career and the flexibility she had, and I was a little envious.  She approached me asking if I would consider being a consultant, but I politely declined….Multi-level-marketing just wasn’t my thing.  Then I heard a recorded call for those who are considering being a consultant (Check it out here), and it was so inspirational and really had me thinking more and more about it.  Here is why:

  1.  I genuinely love the products, understand them, and can stand behind them.  I am obsessed with lash boost and the face scrub!  I did research and the products are legit and created by Stanford trained dermatologists…the same dermatologists who created Proactiv.
  2. Flexibility: I can work from anywhere (This is huge because I don’t have childcare and am living in a new state)
  3.  Limitless growth:  You can grow as big or as little as you chose to
  4. 60-Day Money Back:  If I didn’t like it within 60 days, I could return my initial products/starter consultant kit and get my money back (even if the products were used).
  5. Unity:  There is a sense of unity with these consultants….they are all a part of an encouraging team and really radiate positivity and build each other up…it was so attractive.  They have fun giveaways, incentives, and trips!
  6. I saw Adrienne’s success and how not pushy she is about it and what flexibility she has.
  7. The initial investment to become a consultant varied depending on what was purchased, but it could be as little as $45.  I paid more because I wanted some products to start using for before & after photos, and to be able to give some samples to potential customers.  So it seemed like a smaller commitment up front then I was anticipating.

The more I thought about it, the more it kept feeling like a good move for me:  I love beauty/skincare and understand it, I love talking to people, I need job flexibility and a job that I can do from home, and I honestly love the products.  It felt like an obvious choice once I broke it down simply like that….why not try?  After all, I can always get my money back.  What if I actually like it and it does well?  Honestly, the only thing that was holding me back was worrying that it would fail, and worrying that people would be put off knowing I was selling something.  So I called and texted some close friends for their opinions, and asked my nurse mom and nurse friend their opinions as well, and all were supportive and said they agreed, it made sense to try.  So here I am, trying it out and I’m so excited!  It is silly that I would let fear of failure and fear of what others think hold me back from trying new things.  I know me and know I won’t be pushy, and people will take it as they chose too.  However this all shakes out, it has been a blessing.  This whole situation has helped deepen my relationships with people here in Texas as I have processed openly with them regarding this new venture and if that is all I get out of it…deeper relationships and more girlfriends, then it was all worth it!

Help For The Brows & Boobies : {EES Essential Eyebrow Solution®}

I hate to admit it, but I used to shave my eyebrows in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME, remember that thin eyebrows were in!…in I tell you!  (90’s Pamela Anderson gets it).

Anyway, because of this “brilliant” idea, I have always had a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows.  I spent years growing them back, only to find that they never came back as thick as they used to be.  I am sure you have often heard from people that they used to overpluck and now their eyebrows don’t grow back….well I am one of those people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my eyebrows now, but I have had to work really hard at them, and I still long for them to be fuller.

Fast-Forward from the 90’s to today and it’s all about the full, natural eyebrows!  Eyebrow powders, gels, and pencils are everywhere…we all want those perfect, bold, Kardashian “brows on fleek.”  You may remember that a while back I had a post called “Birthday & Brows”  where I discussed my longing for perfect brows, and how in my pursuit of said perfect brows…my eyebrows were botched and I spent months trying to bring them back to life!

Well I am excited to share with you all a new product that I just discovered and am about to start trying to help my brows! EES Essential Eyebrow Solution®  helps to nourish and revitalize eyebrow hair and has been shown to support eyebrow fullness and suppleness. It is also the first clinically tested eyebrow solution in the beauty consumer market!  It was actually originally formulated for chemotherapy patients, to help prevent the loss of eyebrow hair during treatment.  Thats so cool right?!

So, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, EES® is proud to offer 20% off your first purchase of EES®.  Use Promo Code EES20SOCIAL.  Plus, they’ll donate 10% of all proceeds in October to @Lookgoodfeelbetter So grab yourself a bottle  (Here) and try it with me!  We can help our brows and at the same time, help the boobies by thinking pink and helping fund breast cancer research!  

Now for my Before Photos (I can’t wait to show you my After Photos in a few months):

You can see here that the end of my left eyebrow is thin and just almost cuts short.  I have tried to grow out the hairs but I have to fill it in a lot with pencil & powder.  My right eyebrow does continue more than the left, but it is patchier/thinner and the arch at the top is not as defined.  I end up penciling these areas in to match my other brow.   Each bottle comes with instructions and some cotton swabs for easy application.   Check back in with me in a few months for my “after” photos!


Eyelash Game : {My Fails, Tips & Tricks}

I like many a ladies out there have always desired for long gorgeous eyelashes.  If i was on a deserted island and could only bring one item of makeup, it would be mascara no question!  I have always wanted to be the girl who could just wake up, wash her face, and run out the door looking flawless and having her gorgeous lashes leading the way.

Last year, I decided to try eyelash extensions (Thanks Groupon) in order to make my fantasies and dreams come true.  They looked great and I was hooked right away….but eventually they had their downsides:

1.  I hated the fact that I couldn’t rub my eyes like a normal person without fear of ripping a falsey…or worse my own lashes out with it.  2.  They tell you not to apply mascara…but if you want to do dramatic makeup occasionally for special events….they just don’t look dark enough without the mascara, and mascara makes them fall out quicker.  3.  It can look like something is floating just above your eyes all the time!  4.  They can turn weird directions after a while and sometimes poke you in the eye.  Something about the growing out process I think.  5.  The upkeep is pricey ($45-$100 a fill usually).  6.  When they start to fall out, it can look patchy between fills.

**This picture was when I had extensions on.  You can see once they start falling out, they don’t look very full.

After removing the extensions, my eyelashes looked so tiny!  I am not sure if some fell out, or if I was just used to how long they were before…but it was not good!  In the past I had tried Latisse and it was ok, but my friend was selling Rodan + Fields and told me about Lashboost and I tried it.  After about 2 months of using it, there was a huge difference!  They are longer, stronger, and thicker!  I am obsessed with this stuff and will never go back to falseys.  It’s what I wanted, but with a more natural look.  The cons are that it seems pricey ($150 a bottle), and you HAVE to use it every night to get there and maintain.  But the bottle lasts a really long time so it is way cheaper than extensions and I like the look better.  And if you sign up to be a Rodan and Fields premier perks customer (which I did), you get 10% off and free shipping.  (Plus I put it on my eyebrows too haha)….we will see how that improves in a later post. But this stuff is a game changer that I can’t live without!

The mascara I love to pair with my new eyelashes is L’oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara.  I used to only use Mac Zoom Lash Mascara, but found this one and I love how the primer and mascara work together to really separate and lengthen the lashes and not clump up too much.  Prior to using LashBoost, I used to curl my lashes, apply 3 coats of mascara, let it dry, and curl again.  After Lashboost, I just apply this L’oreal mascara once, and there is no need to curl my lashes because they are so long now.

You would think I had found the solution and that I was satisfied with my lashes…..but I was still chasing the “Roll out of bed without putting on makeup look.”  I loved the length and thickness of my lashes, but now I wanted them to stay curled permanently.  The solution?  I tried a “Lash Lift.”  Basically….they perm your natural lashes up so that it looks like you have mascara on all the time.  It is supposed to last 8 weeks.  Here were the results:

I have now had them “lifted” for 3 solid weeks and there are pros and cons to this too.  Pro:  I never wear mascara and my lashes basically are always curled up.  I just roll out of bed, and my natural lashes lead the way! Cons:  1.  One of my eye’s lashes was “Lifted” more than the other and it was almost too straight-up…it ran into my eyelid.  If someone looks closely at me in person…it looks a little abnormal.  2.  I can’t wear mascara when I want a more dramatic look…it doesn’t brush through smoothly because the lashes are so bent in one direction.  Here is what they look like now, 3 weeks later, no mascara (ignore the pj’s in bed haha):

You can see here when I close my eyes how they stay lifted (in most spots).                                                   What I have learned:  

Once this wears off, I am not going to do it again.  Although it saves me a lot of time because I don’t put mascara on, I just don’t like the feeling of the lift, the upkeep, that I can’t wear mascara, and that one of the eyes looks abnormally straight up.  I’ll stick to my Rodan + Fields lash boost, and just good old fashioned mascara in the morning….even if it takes me a few minutes to apply it.

Birthdays & Brows : {Perfect Brows Aren’t All They Are Cracked Up To Be}

Do you ever go down the rabbit trail on Instagram?  You know, go to the discover section, search a hashtag, stalk celebrities, or lookup friends your friends have tagged?  Well I do all the time…usually at night when I am laying in bed.

A rabbit trail I became obsessed with a while back was looking at professional brow artists and how they transformed eyebrows.  Having a strong brow game has become all the rage and I was in need of some serious help. I made the mistake of over-plucking and my brows got too thin.  So I began growing them out and decided to go to one of the popular brow places in LA as a birthday treat.  Luckily, my amazing friend Claire decided to treat me for my birthday and we headed to Venice Beach for a girls day and brow upgrade!

Unfortunately, my dreams of being one of those Instagram girls with the picture perfect brows wasn’t exactly what I ended up with.  Why am I not surprised?  No matter how hard I have tried at times, perfection just isn’t for me!  Check out the pics and read below for what the end result was 😐

Here are my brows before I got them done:
And after…..IMG_5184IMG_5183IMG_5182Sure the brow shape is more precise, but it felt so fake.  Most of the “perfect shape” they achieved was from filling it in with a brow pencil and powder.  I don’t mind filling my brows in a little, but I don’t like the idea of totally drawing them on…and this is how I felt after.  I def had a chola look going on haha.  What they do is brush all your eyebrow hairs up, then cut them short, and fill in the gaps with pencils and powder.  The hope is that your eyebrows eventually fill in the gaps in the direction they brushed.  My brows took months to recover and I went back to shaping them myself!



Advanced Skincare Surgery & Medcenter Event!

grand-reopening-party-1 I was recently invited to a grand re-opening event at Advanced Skincare Surgery & Medcenter in Los Angeles.  For those that know me well, know I grew up in Med spas & clinics.  In high school I wanted to be a makeup artist and loved skincare, so I went to cosmetology school.  During this time, I got my first job as a receptionist at a local Long Beach medspa.  I happened to get the job because my mom, who was working their at the time as a nurse, recommended me for the job.  Between cosmetology school, my new job, and my mother who was a cosmetic nurse….I couldn’t help but be immersed in the medspa world!….and I loved it!  Laser hair removal had just come out and I thought it was the most amazing thing!…still is if you ask me :)!  As I grew older, I slowly faded out of working for medspas (I worked for 3 different medspas in my early 20’s), and went into finance (of all things).  But I never lost my passion and love for skin care and for lasers.  My mom grew in her field and has worked for a number of medspas, and is also now a national laser trainer for a laser company.  So having her in my life has helped me to stay on top of all the latest and greatest technologies out there!…yes my mom and I are total laser nerds haha.

So as you can imagine…I was super stoked when I got the invite for this grand re-opening.  It was a  “re-opening,” because there are new doctors and a new business name.  img_6425As you can see from the itinerary, it was a fun filled afternoon and evening!  There was music, raffles, waiters passing around drinks, catered food, and live demos.  (Of course I’m on a nutrition challenge and can’t have any drinks wah!) It was such a fun idea but also so informative for people who are curious about particular procedures.  People who were curious about procedures could ask endless questions of the staff and the people receiving treatments in the demos, without the pressure of having to purchase anything, or feeling like they were rushing the staff.  And if they did wan’t to purchase a procedure for the future, they had a great discount.  Overall just a great night!

Now for the most fun demo of the night: COOLSCULPTING!img_6421

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure, that has no downtime, but is like liposuction in the sense that it removes the fat cells.  The machine provides controlled cooling on specific areas…essentially freezing those cells to death! Then you just pee, poop or sweat the fat out!  (Yes I just said that haha).  This “exterminating” of the fat cells doesn’t happen until 4 weeks-3months after the treatment. And that is when you will start to notice a difference. img_6420I asked how many treatments someone would need, and they said that most people see results after one treatment, but that they recommend 2-3 treatments per area.  They also said that there is a 90% satisfaction rate for clients after one treatment.  This is a technology straight out of Harvard University!…so you know it has to be legit! Seriously it sounds to good to be true right?  But so many of their patients are satisfied!

Below I have pictures of the machine and what the hand pieces actually look like.

Here is the machine.img_6412The hand pieces vary in size and the price varies as well.  If you use one smaller hand piece, the price is less.  (For smaller areas)img_6414This is the largest hand piece.  The larger the hand piece…the more expensive….but it also covers large areas!  The hand piece is placed on the area desired for treatment, and then it begins to suction your skin in that area.  The skin gets suctioned into the hand piece and then it gets frozen!  The first 8-10 minutes are uncomfortable, but then your skin freezes and you don’t feel it anymore.  Then you just sit back, relax with this hand piece on your body…wherever it may be, and watch some Netflix haha…at least thats how they do it at Advanced Skincare Surgery & Medcenter.  img_6415The staff at Advanced Skincare Surgery & Medcenter was so informative and helpful.  Here is the nurse practitioner Mary answering a number of questions about Coolsculpting to inquiring guests of the grand re-opening.  Guests had the opportunity to go from room to room to see demos and have their questions and concerns answered.  This beautiful, elegant, and clean facility was the perfect place for a fun night out, and an amazing treatment!img_6426Oh and they had some great gift bags and samples of amazing skincare products for the guests!  This is one of the goodies I picked up and I can’t wait to use it!img_6424Be sure to check them out!

 Advanced Skincare Surgery & Medcenter

XOXO, Care

Nexxus New York Salon Care : {A Review}

This post is sponsored by Nexxus New York Salon Care, a product of Unilever, as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

IMG_6893As a busy mom of two, I would say my focus on hair care has decreased on a grading scale from an A to a B- or C.  In my younger days and especially in my Cosmetology School Days (Yes I went to Cosmo School…but that’s another story), I cared SO MUCH about my hair care.  I loved sampling new products, loved the way they smelled and felt…and I used to just geek out hard!  I also used to be very protective of my “fancy” hair products and didn’t like others to use them because they cost more than my pre-cosmetology school hair care products that I picked up at the local 99¢ store :).  But over the years, my desire to try and save time and money has gotten the best of me, which has lead me to my B- or C grade.  I know that cheaper products strip your hair, dry it out, don’t keep it PH balanced, make it brittle, etc etc….but I just got into the bad habit of buying middle of the road/so so products.

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that all hair products and shampoos are the same, but that just isn’t true.  It’s funny how changing even just your hair care products can make you feel a little more put together and improve your self esteem for the day.  On the mornings that I know are going to be crazy with the kids…if I just get up a little earlier and make sure I have showered and feel ready and fresh….it’s a much better day.  Much better than when I just am rushing around, hair thrown up and greasy, and barely brushed my teeth haha….oh the mom life :).  Anyway, it’s important to me to feel my best and I have been needing to freshen up my daily hair care routine and change my grade back to an A.  So I partnered with my friends at Nexxus NY Salon Care and tried a new amazing hair system that I have to share with you all: The Nexxus New York Salon Care Therappe & Humectress line!  Each product in this new evolved line has a targeted purpose and yet they all work together as a part of the total system.  This line nourishes hair with concentrated 100% pure Elastin Protein and a precious Caviar Complex.  Caviar Complex will be referenced a lot in the product descriptions, and it’s a highly nutritious marine complex infused with Caviar renowned for its luxuriousness and richness in protein.

Below I have listed the products and their descriptions out….plus my take on them.  My overall review though is that it felt good to care for my hair with products that I know are scientifically good for my hair and make me feel pretty with their amazing smell and feel.

Now for the products! Yay!

IMG_6914Product:  Step 1: Nexxus New York Salon Care THERAPPE Replenishing System Shampoo Caviar Complex

Description:  Silicone free and enriched with a Caviar Complex and Concentrated 100% Pure Elastin Protein.  This Shampoo cleanses, while rebalancing hair by rebuilding broken bonds and replenishing nutrients within, leaving hair responsive.

My Review/Thoughts: First of all I love the smell! Second, the first thing I noticed as I rinsed it out, was that my hair immediately felt softer….there was a definite difference than the way it usually feels.

IMG_6915Product: Step 2:  Nexxus New York Salon Care HUMECTRESS Replenishing System Conditioner Caviar Complex

Description:  Enriched with a Caviar Complex and Concentrated 100% Pure Elastin Protein, HUMECTRESS Restoring Conditioner locks in nourishment and restores the protective barrier vital for improved alignment and seamless fluidity.

My Review/Thoughts:  This has a different smell but it’s great too! This made my hair feel soft too!

IMG_6920Product:  Step 2: Nexxus New York Salon Care HUMECTRESS Replenishing System Masque Caviar Complex

Description:  Enriched with Caviar Complex and Concentrated 100% Pure Elastin Protein, HUMECTRESS Restoring Masque intensely moisturizes targeting dry spots to give balance throughout.  Rich in Glycerin infused at a level that deeply rehydrates by binding moisture within.  Releasing true alignment, fro hair that moves as you do with liquid fluidity.

My Review/Thoughts:  I put this on for about 5 minutes in the shower after conditioning and let it just soak in and there was a definite difference in the softness I felt.

IMG_6917Product:  Step 3:  Nexxus New York Salon Care HUMECTRESS LUXE Replenishing System Lightweight Conditioning Mist

Description:  Weightlessly conditions the hair surface releasing captivating shine , improving manageability for hair and seamless movement.

My Review/Thoughts:  I sprayed this in my damp hair after I showered, then brushed and styled. It feels very weightless and not greasy at all.  It doesn’t make your hair feel like it has any product in it at all….and has an amazing smell similar to the shampoo.

IMG_6898Product:  Step 3: Nexxus New York Salon Care ENCAPSULATE Replenishing System Serum

Description:  Enriched with a Caviar Complex and Concentrated 100% Pure Elastin Protein.  This sophisticated blend marks the first time in the world concentrated conditioning oil has been encapsulated into pearls and suspended in a water-based rebuilding serum rich in nutrients and pure protein.  Fused together this weightlessly powerful blend targets damaged hair by intelligently reconstructing within and repairing hair progressively, smoothing the fibre surface to bring it back to its pre-damaged state.

My Review/Thoughts:  Looking at this I thought it would by greasy or syrupy or sticky…but it isn’t any of those things…it is just like most of the items in this line are described…lightweight.  I rubbed it on my fingers and once it dried, there was no residue…I couldn’t even tell it was on there.  And it was the same with my hair.  I also applied it the next day to help tame my hair after brushing.

IMG_6903Product:  Nexxus New York Salon Care Volume Mousse + Volumizing Foam Light Hold

Description:  A luxurious, whipped, aerated mousse gives even the finest hair body and volume.  This light hold, cushiony creme mousse will lightly moisturize and visibly bodify hair.  Blow dry to lift, sculpt and hold all your full-bodied styles.

My Review/Thoughts:  I never usually use mousse, but after reading the description, I was very curious to use it because I am always looking for more volume.  I ay have a lot of hair, but it isn’t very coarse and I often feel like it gets limp and flat on top.  I used this mousse and then blow dried my hair (a little upside down and with a round brush). My fear with mousse is that 80’s crunchy curl thing….and I couldn’t tell at all that I had any in my hair.  My hair definitely felt lighter all day and the next day too!

IMG_6904Product:  Nexxus New York Salon Care Control Maxximum Finishing Mist Strong Hold

Description:  A micro-fine, refreshingly fragrant mist with superior hold gives long-lasting control and manageability, fluidly defining hard o retain styles.  This strong hold, yet lightweight formula, adds a light luminosity to hair while maintaining suppleness and touchability.

My Review/Thoughts:  I always hairspray my hair upside down to hold some volume and this was a great replacement to my normal hairspray and it helped lock my style in place.

IMG_6902Product:  Nexuss New York Salon Care Volume Dry Shampoo Refreshing Mist With Pearl Extract

Description:  Weightlessly cleanses hair in between regular washes, giving refreshing volume and fluidity.  This lightweight formulation extends the life of your style by refreshing your hair between washes.

My Review/Thoughts:  Let me first start by saying I am a fan of dry shampoos.  I use them all the time, almost every day.  Being a busy mom, and not liking to wash my hair every day to keep my hair healthy with natural oils, I use dry shampoos to keep my hair looking fresh.  The biggest complaint I have about most dry shampoos I have tried is that they leave a white powdery streak in my dark hair.  This one was great!  I love the smell, and NO WHITE RESIDUE!  DO YOU REALIZE HOW LONG I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS?!  I am using it all the time haha!

Now for the finished look!IMG_6929I can’t take a photo without a kid climbing in it haha….worth it 🙂
IMG_6930 IMG_6932

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