Handmade Coupon Book Gift: {With My Cricut}

IMG_6047 My husbands birthday just passed and when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said coupons!  Coupons for things he rarely gets to do…like sleep in, now that we have kids.  I love that he loves homemade things and doesnt want me to spend money! Handmade coupon books are an easy and quick gift to make…and if you have a Cricut Explore machine or any other cutting/crafting machine…it gives them just a little bit of a cleaner more professional look.

In my Cricut Design Space…I simply went to “Insert Images,” and typed “Coupon,” and this was an option to be printed.  What I love is that it is perforated so it can actually be torn off for “redemption.”

IMG_6040This is the first cut-out.IMG_6043The inner piece is a seperate cut out and I also had the cricut write “Good For:” to give it a more profesh look.  Then I just glued them together prior to filling out.  IMG_6042 (1)IMG_6045Then I just filled them out! (I hate listening to talk radio on the AM station…the dull buzzing gives me a headache!)IMG_6044It’s coupons like these that make me want to request a coupon book for my next bday haha!IMG_6046I’m sure there are better ribbons or fancier ways of tying this…but I could only find brown ribbon and I knew he wouldn’t care haha.  I just weaved it through the holes and tied it all together….I probably should have made the bow in the front… oh well!IMG_6039I also used the cricut writing feature to write “Matt’s coupon book” on the front.

Simple and easy gift and my man loved it!

If you are looking into a Cricut, be sure to click the Cricut banner on your right for $50 off your machine!



Gold Heart Piñata : {DIY}

DSC_8719When it came time for my daughter’s 1st birthday party I immediately started looking for a heart piñata since it was a Valentine’s Day theme…but I couldn’t find one anywhere!  So I decided to make my own. Trust me when I say this isn’t as cool as it sounds, it is cute, but making it myself made me so nervous it wouldn’t hold together.  LUCKILY it did!…a little too well haha…my husband had to end up breaking it himself.  FYI I seriously just made this up as I went along so if you decide to make one feel free to change things. photo 1 (9)I started by taping large pieces of paper together so that I could trace my giant heart.

I Folded the paper in half and drew my heart.  I then cut out the paper heart and traced it onto cardboard. (Luckily I had a giant cardboard box from a wagon we bought).  Then with an x-acto knife I cut out the hearts.photo 4 (6)photo 1 (10)photo 5 (5)IMG_3325Confession:  I have no ruler, I measured the side panels with a C.D. lol. 
IMG_3327 I bent the side panels and just began glueing them onto one of the hearts.  IMG_3331Things to keep in mind (that I didn’t): 1. Make an open flap for where to put the candy 2. Poke holes at the top and string rope through PRIOR to placing final heart hahaIMG_3359 After placing the last heart on top I taped all the edges just to make sure it was really secure.  IMG_3367IMG_3360 I covered my piñata with gold mylar using the hot glue gun again (But you could cover in anything).  Since I wanted a side of it to be fringed, I cut strips (about 3″ thick) to fringe.IMG_3362To fill it with candy I cut a little square on the top of the heart, then glued and taped it back shut.  Super easy!  (DON’T cut the whole on the bottom).

Christmas {The Highlight Reel}

Since I wasn’t blogging during Christmas time I thought I would show a highlight reel!

Graham Cracker Toffee:
IMG_2781 IMG_2804Pecan Pie Bars:

(I used this recipe and it is amazing!  The only thing I did differently is that I used wax paper instead of foil…MUCH easier!)IMG_2761 IMG_2777 IMG_2821DIY Photo Coasters (Gave as Xmas gifts):
IMG_2686 IMG_2817 IMG_2834Cinnamon Rolls:IMG_3118IMG_3124 IMG_3125IMG_2162Butter Cookies:

(I got lazy and just cut them instead of using cute cookie cutters)
IMG_3151IMG_3157 IMG_3158 IMG_3177Molasses Cookies:IMG_3154 IMG_3169A few personal photos:
IMG_2127E’s First snow
IMG_2155 She passed out in Dad’s office following Christmas Eve ServiceIMG_2173Christmas Day E got this little buggy and loved it!IMG_2184 I got the Target Bar Cart from my hubby!  I LOVE IT!

Hope you all had an amazing and blessed Christmas!

DIY {Shabby Summer Frame}

IMG_0395Since I live by the beach, during the summer I love to decorate my house like a shabby beach cottage and I often make my own decor to pinch pennies and get the look I want. Because I have a new baby and take a ton of pictures of her, a while back I bought a ton (Seriously like 20) small cheap frames from Marshalls ($4.99 each) to use for gifts. As you can imagine I still have extra’s so this week we are going to transform one into a Shabby Summer Frame!

What you need:

-Frame -Paint & Paintbrush -Burlap

-Glue Gun -Frame hooks (2) -Twine

-Sea Shells -Sandpaper -Glue Dots

IMG_0351Choose your frame, remove backing and glass (save for later), then lightly sand your frame.
IMG_0355 Sanded frame.IMG_0356Choose your paint color, then apply only one coat. The great thing is you don’t need to worry about it coating the frame completely.IMG_0366Frame after one coat.
IMG_0368 Lightly sand the frame in areas to increase the shaby-ness. IMG_0369

IMG_0372 Next, using a glue gun, attach sea shells to the frame.IMG_0383Use glue gun to attach frame hooks to the back of the frame on both sides.
IMG_0385 Tie twine to the hooks.IMG_0386

IMG_0387Cut burlap to cover the frame backing.

*Note: Cut it a little bigger than the backing to wrap around. To make it fit into the frame I cut a portion of the backing to make it smaller.

IMG_0388 Use a craft glue dot to attach photo to burlap. This will make switching out the picture much easier.IMG_0390


IMG_0399Sits perfect on my beachy mantle.

Easy DIY Ring Toss Tutorial


I love going to parties and weddings that have old fashioned backyard games as a form of entertainment. So for the recently featured “Prime Wine Party” I made two wine bottle ring toss sets for guests to play with when they were hanging out. These are great because they are easy to make, cheap, and I can reuse them for future parties! Also, I can switch the bottles out for other things so that I am not strictly stuck with a wine theme. For example, I could do soda bottles and paint them a bright color for a kids party, or champagne bottles and glitter for a New Years Eve party. I just happened to have a lot of bottles of cheap wine…. but empty bottles would have worked as well.

What you will need:

-Small wood crate (One for every Ring Toss Set. They sell them at Michael’s for approx.. $5-$7)

-Paint Brush or Foam Paint Brush

-Black Paint

-Paint Color of your choice for crates (I mixed white and an off white/tan color to combine for a vintage look)

-Letter Stencils (Font of choice, w/tape to hold stencils in place)

-Sand Paper

-Crochet Yarn (Whatever color you want the rings to be)

-3 Plastic Crochet Hoops/Purse Handles (Michael’s & Joann’s sell these)

-Hot glue gun

-5 bottles per crate (This can be any type of bottle and you can use your creative freedom to decorate them if you want. I just used two buck chuck wine bottles)


Place crates on newspapers and set up your station.

Paint the edges and borders of box in black. (After sanding the black will come through and make the boxes look shabby cute)

Choose your desired paint color.

Paint crates at least 2 times. (I painted twice)

Tape the stencils to wood, then paint. IMG_0486

Wait a few minutes before removing stencil to ensure you don’t dra any excess paint and smear the letters. IMG_0487

Grab some sand paper and begin sanding all the edges (that you previously painted black). Also sand the words “Ring Toss.”



Tie the crochet yarn to the rings.

Tightly wrap yarn around rings. IMG_0522

Tie off strings and then use your hot glue gun to secure the knots to the rings (Which I haven’t done yet in this photo).

All done and at the party.