Charmin Essentials Soft : {A Review & Swap Challenge}

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I was asked to try and switch out my old toilet paper, and try the new Charmin Essentials Soft  or Charmin Essentials Strong.  Charmin is unveiling these products to give shoppers what they want (soft and strong toilet paper), but at a reasonable price.    I quickly chose Charmin Essentials Soft because I HATE toilet paper that is rough and course and tossed the 6-pack into my shopping cart.  I especially value soft toilet paper not just for me, but because as a mom, I use toilet paper for young tushies too.  And not just their tushies, but young faces and noses.  Plus I figured any toilet paper that is soft, would be thick, and thick = strong enough in my book.  And I was right.  This toilet paper is soft and thick and strong, and can hold up to all my kids put it through haha.  My youngest daughter has asthma, bad allergies, and a constant runny nose… we end up using a lot of toilet paper to wipe her face and nose.  Because of this, it’s important the toilet paper we use can withstand all of that.  The first thing I noticed was it’s softness, but the second was that it was a bigger roll than what I was used to (But still fits well in the toilet paper holder which you can see below).  We have been using this new toilet paper now for several weeks and I love it.  
IMG_7202Another great thing about this TP is the price.  I am a Costco shopper and love a good bargain.  Luckily with Charmin Essentials Soft I don’t have to compromise my budget for quality.  Now that I have been using the Charmin Essentials Soft, I am curious about using their Charmin Essentails Strong to see how that differs….I just might have to go out and get me some of that too haha!

Charmin Essentials is offering the #CharminEssentials TP swap program.  If you currently use Angel Soft® or Scott® 1000 TP and want to try Charmin Essentials for FREE, then simply tweet your TP swap out request to @Charmin with #CharminEssentials #Promotion .  You will find the #CharminEssentials TP swap Terms & Conditions here.  Be sure to try them out friends!

IMG_7205IMG_7209Fits in perfectly and has a pretty pattern 🙂




Parenting OC Jamboree! : {UPCOMING EVENT}

Jamboree-at-the-Cube-Logo-2016Hello Sweet Friends!  I just wanted to invite you all to a FREE, fun event I will be helping out with this upcoming Saturday, March 5th.  It’s the Kids’ Summer Opportunities Jamboree event!  The Jamboree event features exhibitors specializing in summer fun and learning opportunities for families, and allows moms and dads to research and talk with the program leaders and camp directors face-to-face, and get all their questions answered. The Jamboree is free to attend, and when you’re done….you can head off for a full day of fun at the Cube with your family.

Get a FREE CHILD ADMISSION to Discovery Cube on the day of Jamboree! Just click here to download your coupon to bring with you on March 5.

Feel free to check out more info here

Hope to see you there! XOXO

Heart & Seoul : {Growing Up In Korea Exhibit At Pretend C!ty}

heart-and-seoul-media-kit-images-join-grand-openingTomorrow (June 2nd) is the grand opening of a new exhibit at Pretend C!ty Children’s Museum and my girls and I got a sneak preview today!  The exhibit is “Heart & Seoul: Growing up in Korea.”  We spent the morning checking out the new exhibit, making fans and tiger puppets, and eating yummy noodles and snacks by Nongshim!  In the exhibit your child will have access to a number of rooms and activities that help give them a realistic and fun picture of what life is like in Korea.  There is a tea room, a room where they can practice martial arts, a restaurant, a primary school room, a kitchen, and many more fun things!  Plus, when you are done with he Heart & Seoul exhibit, you can enjoy the rest of Pretend C!ty…which the kiddos always love!  This is a mom-win for sure…the kids love it and they don’t realize they are “learning”…haha suckers.
Also don’t forget to check out the free Family Fun & Wellness Fair they have going on this Saturday!
IMG_5306 IMG_5313Thanks Nongshim for lunch!
IMG_5329IMG_5334“Mom please open this!”IMG_5341 IMG_5344 IMG_5349This one didn’t sleep the whole time…but she was all smilesIMG_5351 IMG_5354Painting in the exhibitIMG_5355 IMG_5359My girl making a movie in the exhibitIMG_5360 IMG_5363

A Valentine’s Day Picnic : {Evangeline’s First Birthday Party}


Last year I went into labor on February 13th and we were sure that we were going to have Evangeline on Valentine’s Day.  But of course she didn’t come until February 15th at 7:18am.  Even though we just missed it by a few hours, we still call her our Valentine’s baby. So when it came time to pick a theme for her 1st birthday party there was no contest; A Valentine’s Day theme!…hearts galore!  I had so much fun dreaming up the party, and then actually carrying all those things out (with the help of some awesome friends)!  I may have gone a little overboard…the house looked like a love bomb exploded in there haha. Happy Birthday my sweet Evangeline!

DSC_8174DSC_8177When people first walked in there was this sign with instructions on the party and the picnic basket of bubbles for the kids.

DSC_8149The “Love is Sweet” garland was purchased on Etsy here!DSC_8414My friend Jenna told me about where to purchase this sign on Etsy here.  I purchased the photo, had it printed at Costco for under $5 and mounted it on black poster board. DSC_8096I bought the cake toppers here! See my Healthy Cake Smash RecipeDSC_8394DSC_8067IMG_3419DSC_8095I bought these at the $1 section at Target.DSC_8144I am in love with this table runner I got on Etsy here!  See my always soft Marshmallow Chunk Rice Krispie Treat RecipeIMG_3440DSC_8211She loved looking at pictures of herself.  I kept saying “Who is that baby!?”IMG_3443DSC_8196DSC_8172I made these gorg mason jar gold glitter “vases” special for the party…now they decorate almost every room in my home and I love it!IMG_3458DSC_8326My good friend Claire was nice enough to make some heart shaped PB&J’s for the younger ones who weren’t into the taco bar.
DSC_8216DSC_8383DSC_8447We had a decorate your own heart shaped cookie table as a party favor.

DSC_8449DSC_8594DSC_8541Evangeline’s adorable dress was purchased at my favorite Etsy shop for girls dresses: Twinkle & Whim
DSC_8654Children enjoyed the parachute games, park play ground, and bubbles.  DSC_8683DSC_8693DSC_8721See my Gold Heart Piñata DIYDSC_8924The piñata was a little too tough to break for the kiddies so my husband ripped it apart.DSC_8974The end result of the cake smash….no cake smashed haha.  Thank you Karla & Heather for decorating the high chair! DSC_9045We were so blessed by our friends and family.DSC_9058We had to sneak in a costume change to try on one of her new outfits while she played with her new toys. DSC_9004All tuckered out!  It was a great party with our lil’ nugget.

My “Labor Day” : {5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Into Labor}

As Labor Day approached I could have written about fun American themed parties, but I honestly didn’t really plan anything so it would be a lie- haha! Sometimes 3 day weekends/holidays aren’t always about cute Pinterest-y parties, but just about being with those you love and relaxing! As for me I am relaxing with my hubby and baby girl. The last few weeks every time I thought “Labor Day is approaching” all I kept thinking about was my “labor” experience when I had my first baby a little over 6 months ago. I am not going to go into all the details of it (yet), but I thought I would share the 5 things I wish I knew before my “Labor Day” that NO ONE told me….maybe it can help someone out someday.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going into Labor:

1. Water Breaking Lies: This was the biggest misconception by far! In all the movies/TV shows I have seen when someone’s water breaks it happens in one “splash” and then it is done. BUT in real life the fluid from your water breaking can come out for hours!….Yes hours! (6 in my case). Talk about embarrassing when you think it has officially broken, only to be standing in the hospital in your third change of clothes and it just keeps coming out as you check-in.

2. Eat Before (if you have time): Once you are checked into the hospital they don’t let you eat anything. So my advice is to grab something to eat on the way because the next opportunity to eat could be hours or in my case 2 days away! Now of course if the baby is crowning or your contractions are super close together then skip this. But if there is time….eat something! I literally would have had enough time to shower, get dolled up, and eat if I wasn’t so panicked.

3. Overpack: I googled “hospital packing lists” months prior to giving birth and then decided to compile my own because none of them had all the things I wanted. I had this idea in my mind of wanting a magical, peaceful birthing experience so I packed everything I would need for that (iPod speakers, magazines, massage lotion)….well the one thing I didn’t pack was more than 3 days worth of clothes for my husband! We ended up being in the hospital 5 days and I was not wanting my husband to leave so he had to wear the same clothes over and over! So overpack!

4. You wait for Doctors: For the entirety of your labor you will only see the doctor on rare occasions…mostly when it is time to push….but besides that, it is you and the nurses. So when I was ready to push it happened to be around 6am and my dr. wouldn’t be there until 7am. So they made me wait….literally with a baby like hanging out of me. She walked in, told me to push, and that was it….my baby was born. Seems like a pretty sweet gig for a dr. if you ask me.

5. “Your Birthing Plan” may get thrown out the window: Like I said above, I had this idea of what my birthing experience would be like: what I would wear, how I would handle contractions, what music would be playing, etc. I wanted to bring my baby into the world naturally, with no pain meds, and in a peaceful environment. What I never realized was that sometimes the baby has a different plan and medically sometimes things need to be done in the best interest of the baby (and mom). I wanted to be cute….FORGET THAT! I did not want an epidural….But it ended up saving me from having a C-Section. I thought I would be able to handle contractions….But I didn’t think I would need to be induced and Pitocin causes violent contractions. The list can go on and on.

There are so many things we don’t know and can’t expect when it comes to giving birth so just be informed, be as prepared as you can, and then be open to whatever is best for you and your baby.

Happy “Labor Day” to all the moms out there and good luck on your Labor Day!