Birchbox : {March}

IMG_4167I’m not gonna lie I did not like my March Birchbox which is why I didn’t write about it at first.  Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all bad…I just didn’t fully realize how Birchbox worked.  I thought you give them your preferences on products and they give you samples based off those products.  While this is mostly true, they don’t have unlimited samples to choose from every month….they have certain ones every month and send out the ones that best fit your preferences.  So you just might get ones you don’t really like because they don’t have any better ones to give you that month.  Does that make sense?

I found this out by writing a complaint to Birchbox about my March box contents.  Something they also pointed out (which I didn’t know before) is that I can review the products I received in my box online.  These reviews help them to know more about me and my preferences for samples and also allows me to earn points that can be used to purchase full sizes of the products.

What did I learn?:

I am not always going to get what I want from my Birchbox and I should start reviewing my products asap! (which I have started doing)

What did I get that I didn’t like:

Tea and Chocolate.  (I don’t drink caffeine, I don’t like fruit with my chocolate, and I signed up for Birchbox for beauty products)

Not sure what Birchbox is?  See my original post here.

OR want to join Birchbox click here: Sweetly Lemon Birchbox Invite

Now for the products:

IMG_4165Air Repair Rescue Balm

This all-natural salve repairs dry, cracked skin anywhere on the body. 

My Review:  This is a pretty straight forward product…very similar to Aquaphor.  I wore it on my lips and it did a great job moisturizing…but no different than other similar products.  I say save your money and invest in Aquaphor….which I am clearly in love with.

IMG_4168COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face

Organic tinted moisturizer with lasting sun protection that evens tone and masks flaws.

My Review:  MY FAVE ITEM IN THE BOX!  I religiously wear SPF daily but I hate the greasy feeling…especially because I have combo (normal/oily) skin and it can cause break-outs.  This mouse/cream is a tinted SPF and moisturizer that doesn’t dry you out but is not greasy at almost feels chalky but then when it’s on your face it is moisturizing and mattifying at the same time.

IMG_4164Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

This water-based, weightless styling lotion keeps curls shiny, defined, and frizz-free. 

My Review:  This product surprised me.  I thought it would be gel-like or greasy but it is very watery and goes on easy without any stickiness or greasiness.  I have wavy hair that I usually wear straight, but I have been using this after the shower, then letting my hair dry naturally and then adding curls with my curling iron and it works great.  It keeps the frizz under control that can happen when I let my hair dry naturally.

IMG_4158Vasanti Cosmetics “BrightenUp!” Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

This customer fave mimics effects of microdermabrasion for a bright and smooth complexion.

My Review:  I LOVE THIS!  I am a sucker for good exfoliating cleansers/scrubs and this one is up there.  It feels just like a microdermabrasion.  I am def buying the full size when I run out of my usual exfoliator.

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches

Handpicked blend of organic tea leaves, dried fruits, and spices in a biodegradable pouch.

 My Review:  I don’t drink caffeine so I gave them away at work, but the chamomile caffeine free was delish.

 Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Square

A deep blend of dark chocolate, tangy cherry, and satisfying almond crunch.

My Review:  I am not into fruit and chocolate so I gave it to my brother.


Birchbox : {February}

photo 1 (12)

A few months back my friend Claire told me about, and invited me to join Birchbox.  I became a member and I am loving it…seriously getting my box every month feels like Christmas!  I am going to start posting the contents of my box every month so you can see for yourself.  But I have gotten perfume samples, teas from England, hand salves, nail polish, makeup, hair products, and tons more.

What is Birchbox? A box you receive monthly with high-end beauty and lifestyle samples from top brands.  And the great part is not everyone’s boxes are the same.  When you join you enter in personal information and answer a few questions about yourself and they send you samples that cater to you and your needs.  Plus the samples are usually big!  It’s a great way to discover new products without fully committing to buying the whole thing.  And if you like a product they sent you and want to buy the full size, then you can buy it right from their website.  For every purchase, you earn points that can be redeemed for more purchases.   They also offer Birchbox for men! (Coy Boy and Jakers this is up your alley).

Cost: $10 per month

You have to be invited to join Birchbox, so if you want to join click here: Sweetlylemon Invite

photo 5 (7) Dr. Brandt “Pores No More Pore Refiner”

This celeb favorite minimizes pores and absorbs oil for a photo-ready matte finish. 

My review:  Completely mattifies the skin and works great!  If you are of the dry complexion then this will dry you out too much.

photo 4 (9)Agave Healing Oil Treatment

Created by a veteran hairstylist, this lightweight oil uses agave to hydrate and protect.

My review:  I LOVE THIS! I am going to buy the full bottle soon, it left my hair silky and shiny but didn’t look greasy.  I just poured the whole thing on my damp hair, combed it through, and then rinsed it really quick.  
photo 3 (6) Benefit Cosmetics “Fakeup”

Brighten tired-looking eyes with this hydrating undereye concealer and moisturizer combo.

My review:  I LOVE THIS!  Def buying the full as well.  I LOVE under eye concealers but hate when my undereyes are super dry and then the concealer looks pasty and gets in my wrinkles.  This is like rubbing tinted chapstick under your eyes…smooth and creamy.  photo 2 (10)

Benefit Cosmetics “Big Easy”

New from the cheeky makeup line, this oil-free complexion perfector smooths and balances.

My review:  I love this too haha!  It advertises that it is better than bb cream and that it has an SPF of 30 which is better than the bb cream I use now.  PLUS this mattifies which I always need.  Once my bb cream runs out I am going with this one!

photo (19)OPI Sheer Tints in “Be Magentale with Me”

This tinted top coat gives nails a wash of high-shine, translucent color.

My review:  No need to buy this.  If I am going to wear a color on my nails it is going to be an actual color and not just a tinted top coat.  But if you are someone who doesn’t like to do your nails and just wants a quick cute look…this would work for you.

H&M Wishlist : {Autumn Line}

H&M released their Autumn line from their Paris Show Collection that officially hits stores on September 5th….BUT you can shop online now!  I love all the beautiful coats and dresses they feature that shows as they say “a modern bohemian attitude.” Here is my wishlist!…as you can see I love all the beige they are featuring haha!


Gearing up for Gatsby : {The Great Gatsby Viewing Essentials}

the-great-gatsby-2012The Great Gatsby (TGG) is available to own TODAY!

TGG is not only The Great American Novel according to most critics, but a story I personally love!  So when I found out the movie was being re-done (nothing against Robert Redford) I was so excited!  Especially when I found out Baz Luhrmann was doing it because I love his style…especially in Moulin Rouge and Rome and Juliet.

There is something magical and mysterious about Gatsby, his life, his home, and just that whole era in general….it’s inspiring!   Here are a few fun things that inspired me as I prepare for my Gatsby viewing….And of course I will be listening to the soundtrack all day today!

Gearing Up For GatsbyLinks:

H&M Chiffon Dress $49.95

Bauble Bar Gold Crystal Gatsby Pendant $34

Caesar Salad Recipe

SusietheSun Eternal Summer Jeweled Headband $135.6


Keeping It Real : {I’m Fashionably Uncool}

“I hate wedges! Luckily they aren’t IN right now anyway,” my friend Claire said to me a few weeks ago. “They aren’t!?,“ I replied, as I looked down sadly at my wedged feet. How did this happen?

My biggest fashion fear is that I would be one of those people, that when you see them on the street you say to yourself, “Uh, someone is still stuck in the 80’s!” Do you know what I mean? Those people who rock the same hairstyle, clothing style, or makeup that they wore 20 years ago, think it is still cool and that they are still 20 years younger. Well, I think I am turning into one of those people. For example, when doing my makeup I could do “cat eyes” or “wings” on the eyes everyday… “gettin wingy with it” as I like to call it (told you I was uncool), but that look can be a timeless look, so I am ok there. But when it comes to fashion, lately, I am at a loss!

This wasn’t always the case. Not that I ever claimed to be a fashionista…not at all. But at least I knew what was in and if I wasn’t wearing anything cool it was a conscious decision…unlike now where I am just lost in a sea of high wasted shorts (really?). You see, when I was pregnant I was one of those people who gained a ton of weight. This all led to me literally wearing the same 2 pants and 1 pair of yoga pants for the entirety of my pregnancy. I wasn’t one of those “cute” pregnant people who can remain fashionable while rocking the bump. By the end, one of the pants had a huge whole in the leg from over-use so I wore yoga pants. And my swollen feet could only fit into boots so I rocked the classic yoga pants/UGG boot combo (which a co-worker told me is SO early 2000’s…along with jean skirts and UGG boots…I know, I am just as shocked as you are). Anyway, I am sure a part of my lack of fashion was due to the fact that I didn’t see the point in spending money on clothes that I wouldn’t wear forever, and needed to save that money to pay for baby expenses. All this getting ready for baby led to me losing touch with fashion and what is “cool.”

So now that my belly is not the size of a watermelon and I am back to a more “Normal” life, body and routine, I can’t help but want to go shopping and be “cool” again. But every time I have gone to the stores I feel a bit overwhelmed. I feel like I am so behind in just the basics of what is cool that buying one or two statement pieces would look just silly on my pants that are 3 years old. (As a sidenote, the only pants I have are skinny…is skinny still in?). So instead I just keep rockin the same clothes, accept hand me downs from friends that are trying to make me cool, and buy a few things every now and again. I haven’t really dived into being cool full throttle because A) money but B) being uncool really doesn’t bother me all that much. This isn’t to say that I am not taking care of myself or “letting myself go,” but that I am ok with my style and don’t need to worry about adopting all the latest and greatest trends.

Let me leave you with this great quote from my very fashionable friend Karla Reed: “If you love it, and it looks good on you, then it will never go out of style.”

There is something freeing about saying, “I like my style, whatever that is.”

photo (12)8 Months pregnant – Christmas 2012 – Love this sweater – Uncool to the max