Best Meal EVER!!!!!


Being the self-dubbed “Foodie” that I am, any celebration for me has to include good food….and more than that….good steak. For my 30th birthday my husband and I took a day trip in order for me to have dinner at my favorite steak restaurant, Carnevino. I had been there once, but the food was so incredible that I have been dreaming about going back for over a year.

What makes Carnevino so different is the length of time that they dry age their steaks. When a restaurant says they serve dry aged steaks they usually don’t specify for how long…and if they do, the average is a few weeks only. Carnevino on the other hand dry ages their steaks for about 3 months! Dry aging makes the beef more flavorful because it removes un-needed moisture and simultaneously makes the steak more tender. So this steak LITERALLY tastes like none you have ever had before. The longer it is dry aged the more the flavor changes…I would compare it to a wine or cheese in how the flavors can change so much. They even have a riserva steak that is dry aged 8 months and it has a blue-cheesy flavor. Their beef quality is also beyond compare. This is from their website:

“(Our Beef) is often beyond regular USDA prime standards for marbling and flavor and is hormone and antibiotic free. We rub all of our beef with sea salt, black pepper and fresh rosemary to get a delicious and slightly charred crust.”

Carnevino was ranked 4th in a list of best steak houses in the U.S. so of course it is a bit pricey, but is worth every penny! The service is remarkable and you def feel fancy eating there, haha. When we were waiting for our table they gave us a free glass of champagne at the bar and when we were being seated they wouldn’t even let me hold my glass…they carried it for me! Please enjoy the pictures below of our most recent meal there and put eating here on your bucket list!

photo 1 (1)Rosemary bread, in-house made unsalted butter and a butter made from pork back fat, thyme, rosemary, and garlic (SO GOOD)

photo 1 (2)

photo (2)Pasta with black truffles and butter sauce (Off menu item)…THIS ROCKED MY WORLD!


A glass of Pinot Noir paired perfectly with the mealphoto (3)This is a seasonal cream corn dish that has no cream. They use the natural juices from the strained corn as a broth. It was so delicious with roasted corn and had a kick of peppers.

IMG_0687For dinner we had a dry aged bone in rib-eye for two. At Carnevino, they cook their steaks on the rare side so this is a medium-well. It is hand-carved table-side, sea salt is sprinkled over it, and then olive oil is drizzled on top.

IMG_0711The great thing about this steak is the variety of flavors depending on what part you are eating. For example, the bone has such a savory taste that is so different than the rest of the steak.

IMG_0714As a birthday surprise they served shortbread cookies with chocolate sauce that said “Happy Birthday”….at least it did before someone got too excited and dragged their finger across it and put that finger in their mouth… was me haha.

IMG_0679We had to grab a salted caramel chocolate at Godiva before leaving the hotel.


I am always wanting to hear about places to have a great meal. Please feel free to share where places you have had a perfect meal.

30: Not so Dirty or Flirty


“Dirty Thirty” and “Thirty, Flirty and Fabulous” are just some of the many sayings that women adopt in their vocabulary when the big 3-0 approaches.  For some the idea of turning 30 is so scary that this is their coping mechanism.  And for others, perhaps, these sayings embody deeper thoughts like “Hey I’m not old, I’m still hot…just because I am 30 doesn’t mean I’m dead!”  While the root of these phrases is empowerment I don’t fully identify with them because I am not necessarily dirty or flirty… just 30 (too bad “Clumsy and Thirty” doesn’t have the same ring to it).

A few years ago when one of my good friends was turning 30 I asked her how she felt about it.  Her response was, “Good…I am just entering my prime.”   She said it so casually as if my question was not one to be entertained.  The idea of turning 30 didn’t scare her but rather excited her.  I on the other hand was scared of 30 and the idea of getting older, but at the same time envious of her attitude.   Why did she have a better outlook on life and why was she enjoying herself more than me?  I was in my 20’s after all…I should be feeling sorry for her.  I didn’t have to worry about gray hairs, moisturizer, or crows feet.  In my opinion the 20’s were everything and she was leaving them!  How depressing!  I mean the 20’s are about discovery, new freedom, youth, exciting beginnings, late nights, carelessness, etc.

But the more I surrounded myself with her and her friends that were “in their prime,” the more I actually wanted to be in my prime.  I discovered that “being in your prime” wasn’t about a number or for someone just in their 30’s, but it was about perspective.  It was about knowing yourself, being an established person, being confident, and choosing to enjoy life (despite your crows feet)- because life is precious and should be enjoyed!  They didn’t need to keep looking back longingly at their 20’s because they were content and excited about where they were.  And that is empowering.

So as 30 approaches for me I am not going to let the number intimidate me, or wish I had my 20’s and youthful skin back (after all there’s always Botox).   I am not going to parade around saying I am dirty or flirty, but proudly “I am 30”.   And as people begin to ask me “How are you feeling about turning 30?” I will simply answer, “Great, I am in my prime.”