DIY {Shabby Summer Frame}

IMG_0395Since I live by the beach, during the summer I love to decorate my house like a shabby beach cottage and I often make my own decor to pinch pennies and get the look I want. Because I have a new baby and take a ton of pictures of her, a while back I bought a ton (Seriously like 20) small cheap frames from Marshalls ($4.99 each) to use for gifts. As you can imagine I still have extra’s so this week we are going to transform one into a Shabby Summer Frame!

What you need:

-Frame -Paint & Paintbrush -Burlap

-Glue Gun -Frame hooks (2) -Twine

-Sea Shells -Sandpaper -Glue Dots

IMG_0351Choose your frame, remove backing and glass (save for later), then lightly sand your frame.
IMG_0355 Sanded frame.IMG_0356Choose your paint color, then apply only one coat. The great thing is you don’t need to worry about it coating the frame completely.IMG_0366Frame after one coat.
IMG_0368 Lightly sand the frame in areas to increase the shaby-ness. IMG_0369

IMG_0372 Next, using a glue gun, attach sea shells to the frame.IMG_0383Use glue gun to attach frame hooks to the back of the frame on both sides.
IMG_0385 Tie twine to the hooks.IMG_0386

IMG_0387Cut burlap to cover the frame backing.

*Note: Cut it a little bigger than the backing to wrap around. To make it fit into the frame I cut a portion of the backing to make it smaller.

IMG_0388 Use a craft glue dot to attach photo to burlap. This will make switching out the picture much easier.IMG_0390


IMG_0399Sits perfect on my beachy mantle.