Texas State Fair

Everyone has told us since moving to Texas that we have to go to the Texas State Fair and see “Big Tex!”  We visited and had a great time!  We are used to the OC Fair that happens in Orange County every summer, so this felt familiar and fun in comparison.  My favorite thing from the OC Fair is the bucket of hot, mini, cinnamon and sugar donuts …….they are HEAVEN!  But I could not find them here at the Texas state fair.  But where they were lacking in donuts, they made up for in cotton candy…they honestly had the best cotton candy I have ever tasted!  The kids loved the fair (I quietly mourned our Disneyland Days), and we made some great memories.  I am excited about this new fall tradition!


Ta-Ta Weekend…Hello Week.

Weekend Wrap-Up:

I am a planner and a maximizer when it comes to getting things done (99% of the time). This trait can be a blessing and a curse. I often tell myself (or my husband does), to slow down and relax. Well going into this weekend I had an idea of what I wanted to happen and what I needed to get done….and none of those involved relaxing. But some unexpected things happened that threw me off my plan and forced me to slow down, and I am so grateful they did!

I met up with my dad, who recently returned from Mexico, for lunch this weekend and he ended up bringing my tía. Well lunch turned into being with my family the whole afternoon at my tía’s house; chatting, picking habenero chiles from her garden, cooking beans, and eating piles of fruit, homemade tostadas, ceviche, beans and salsa….you know how Mexican’s do. So I threw my “plan” out the window and enjoyed myself fully! Plus I picked up some Mexican cooking tips from my tía and can’t wait to put them into use! I already started by making myself some beans for the week. I hate to admit that I have been using canned beans for years (sorry mom). But it’s because beans have always been my cooking kryptonite! It’s a shame too because they have been one of my favorite foods since I was young. When I was a kid for dinner I would often just soak my corn tortillas in the salty bean broth and just suck the juice and the soggy tortilla…..not much has changed haha. Anyway, it’s experiences like this that I will remember when I am old. In the long run it won’t matter that I didn’t maximize every second to get all my chores and errands done….so thanks Dad!

IMG_0698 IMG_0709

He also brought my daughter and I matching traditional peasant blouses and bricks of tamarindo! (For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a tarty sweet fruit that is used for candies…who knows what I am going to do with bricks of it haha!)

IMG_0633 IMG_0651

Besides spending time with the hispanic side of my family this weekend, the baby and I also went to the beach, and welcomed home the hubs from his long week at camp! Check out the highlight reel of photos below. Hope you all had a good weekend and are excited about the upcoming week!

This Week:

Looking forward to {In The Blog}: Today the blog has a new look and I am excited for everyone to see it…be sure to click the new lemon icons to follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest as well as the Follow My Blog button. There will be a few recipes featured this week and I will also be writing about sacrifice and serving those you love…be sure to check it out!

Looking forward to {In My Life}: Experimenting with some of my tía’s recipes, figuring out what to do with all my tamarindo candy, and settling back in to the “Normal” routine now that all my husband’s summer travels are done.

Some highlights of the weekend below! Manhattan Beach Pier (LOVE), Donuts, the hubs preaching to a packed youth room, and seeing my loves reunited.

photo (10)