Buñuelos : {Cinnamon Sugar Chips}

IMG_4219This Mexican dessert was a favorite of mine growing up that my mom would make and buy for us. Traditionally buñuelos are in a more tostada shape….not chip shape, and you can take the time to make them from scratch but this is an easier, quicker and just as delicious way to make them from home. I love making these when we are having guests over because they are always a crowd pleaser, great to eat on their own or added to ice cream like shown above!  These will be great as a Cinco De Mayo dessert!


IMG_4177 Combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl until it’s a dark brown color like shown. (I never measure this out but just mix until it looks like this….feel free to do a taste test of the mixture to make sure it isn’t too cinnamon-y for you. IMG_4180I love these raw tortillas from Costco but you can use any store bought/pre-made FLOUR tortillas.
IMG_4182 IMG_4205Cut the tortillas into triangles (or keep it whole for a tostada shaped dessert). IMG_4185 Fill up a pan with veggie oil…..about 1/2 high and heat on medium/high heat. IMG_4188 Prep is KEY when making Booners (as I like to call them), because once they start cooking the process is fast!  This is my set up: pan, baking sheet with layers of paper towels to absorb the grease, cinnamon/sugar mixture bowl to dip, then serving bowl for finished chips. IMG_4194 Heat the oil. I sprinkle some water into the pan……and if it sizzles it’s ready to go. But the temp for those who love specific directions was at least 180degrees. IMG_4200 Flip booners once they are golden brown. IMG_4201Transfer cooked booners to the paper towels to soak up excess grease.
IMG_4202 Dip still warm booners into cinnamon and sugar mixture and coat both sides. IMG_4203Feel free to tap the booner a little to dust off any excess cinnamon and sugar. 
IMG_4217IMG_4228Now enjoy!

Easy Nutella “Crepes” : {Dessert Quesadilla}

IMG_0885I love crepes and my favorite dessert crepes are the ones with bananas, strawberries, and Nutella.  So the other night when I was craving something sweet and really didn’t have anything around the house but Nutella I decided to make a Nutella quesadilla hoping for the same effect.  And it was actually super delish so I had to share.

All I did was spread Nutella on the tortilla, stuff it with fruit, then cook it in an ungreased pan (on High), until it was warm!  You can add peanut butter or strawberries to mix it up, this is just what I had lying around.  I topped it off with more Nutella and powdered sugar…but I bet whipped cream would have been good too.

*Note: Don’t spread the Nutella all the way to the edges of the tortilla because when it heats up it will expand. IMG_0886IMG_0887IMG_0889 IMG_0890IMG_0937