Easy Lemon Salmon

I finally got both my daughters to eat salmon!  Mom victory!!  My oldest (4 year old) has been eating it for a year, and my 2 year old just started eating it a couple of weeks ago and I am so pumped because 1. I hate making them other food when I want salmon, and 2. it’s so good for them!

What got them into it was lemons.  They love “decorating” the uncooked salmon with the lemons I cut because they look like flowers, and then at the dinner table I have more lemons they get to squeeze on it themselves.  Plus, lets not underestimate how cool it is for them when we go to Costco and they can look at the dead packaged fish and then we talk about eating it at home.


I make this salmon once a week at home, and it’s super easy and simple.  I buy the big salmon filets at Costco, and then cut them up into smaller fillets, put them in ziplock baggies, and freeze them for later use.  Then when I know I am going to make salmon, I just defrost them in the fridge the night before.  First thing I do is throw a little olive oil on a foil-lined baking sheet.  Then I place my pre-cut fillets on top and kinda smear the fillets around to make sure they have a small amount of olive oil on them so they don’t stick.  (You can also use olive oil spray).  Then all I do is salt and pepper both sides of the fillets.  (Not too much pepper if you are feeding it to the kids).Next I cut the skin off a lemon, then slice it into the “lemon flower” shape my kids love.Then just place 2 “lemon flowers” on each fillet.   Now bake for about 20 minutes on 350 and thats it! *
*Just don’t eat the cooked lemon that is on the fillets.  Remove them from the fish and just toss them….cooking them makes them taste more bitter and won’t be good.  If you love lemon and want more, just squeeze some fresh juice on top when serving.  Also…it’s very important to use ripe lemons or they will get too bitter and ruin the taste.

Sweetly Lemon Photo Shoot

When I decided to launch Sweetly Lemon I, of course, had to have a mini photo shoot….who dosen’t love photo shoots, right?  (Insert a ton of annoying and funny hashtags here like: #makesmefeellikeamodel #anyexcusetogetcutepicsofmybaby #lotsofpeoplehatephotoshoots #stophashtagging.)

My love for photo shoots probably started because I don’t have a good camera or know anything about photography, but I love the end result of quality photos.  This, of course, makes me so thankful that I have a number of friends who do get this whole photography thing, including my friend Jenny who took these photos and was more than willing for an impromptu photo shoot.

I wanted the photo shoot to take place in my home, which I love, and surrounded by those I love (My hubby and baby girl, Evangeline).  I wanted pictures that were warm and bright and of course had dashes of yellow!  Unfortunately, the hubs couldn’t make it, but I thought Jenny captured everything else I was looking for.

Hope you enjoy the pics (my daughter is adorbs so it won’t be that hard to enjoy)!





DSC_6617Patiently waiting for her turn in the spotlight!



















DSC_6680 - Version 2My daughter and I spend a lot of time together in the kitchen.  She sits in her high chair with her wooden spoon while I cook, sing and talk to her….it is one of my most cherished times together.