Marshmallow Chunk Rice Krispie Treats


When planning desserts for Evangeline’s Valentine’s Day birthday party I wanted to do heart shaped rice krispie treats like this one I saw on Pinterest:

KoreanAmericanMommyRiceKrispyPopsCute right!?  Well one thing it says in the directions is to press down on the rice krispies after cooking…which makes sense…BUT I have had bad luck with pushing rice krispie treats down in the pan after cooking.  Sure it makes them perfectly shaped but when I press treats down they always come out chewy and hard after a while.  And I wanted to make the treats the day before the party so I needed the treats to stay soft.

What ended up happening is I made super soft rice krispie treats but they didn’t make cute, neat hearts so I ended up with just regular rice krispie “squares” (sorta haha).  But I got a lot of compliments on them because people loved the giant chunks of marshmallows in them.  Enjoy!


  • 10oz Bag of Regular sized marshmallows (THIS IS KEY: if you want the chunks don’t use mini marshmallows)
  • 7 Cups of Rice Krsipies
  • 4tbsp Butter


IMG_3389In a large pot on low heat begin to melt butter down. 

IMG_3393 Once butter is almost all melted, throw in marshmallows (keep heat low).  Stir marshmallows to coat with butter.  Marshmallows will begin to melt down, stir occasionally (this will show just how melty the marshmallows really are).   You want the marshmallows to be melted down about 85%, leaving smaller marshmallow chunks.  Remove from heat.IMG_3394 As soon as you remove the marshmallows from heat pour the rice krispies into the pot and stir (I used a pyrex rubber spatula).  Its important not to over stir (like biscuits), as soon as the rice krispies are coated with mallow, poor into a greased pan, and DON’T press down.IMG_3395Allow to cool completely prior to cutting.  You can see the large marshmallow chunks in the pan…yummy!  I kept mine in the pan and covered with a towel, then cut them the next day (still soft!)