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Easy Nutella “Crepes” : {Dessert Quesadilla}

IMG_0885I love crepes and my favorite dessert crepes are the ones with bananas, strawberries, and Nutella.  So the other night when I was craving something sweet and really didn’t have anything around the house but Nutella I decided to make a Nutella quesadilla hoping for the same effect.  And it was actually super delish so I had to share.

All I did was spread Nutella on the tortilla, stuff it with fruit, then cook it in an ungreased pan (on High), until it was warm!  You can add peanut butter or strawberries to mix it up, this is just what I had lying around.  I topped it off with more Nutella and powdered sugar…but I bet whipped cream would have been good too.

*Note: Don’t spread the Nutella all the way to the edges of the tortilla because when it heats up it will expand. IMG_0886IMG_0887IMG_0889 IMG_0890IMG_0937