My Hair Care Routine : {And How I get Volume!}

I love having long hair, but it can get HEAVY!  So it is really important to me to create volume when doing my hair, but to also keep my hair healthy.  This video will break down everything I do to my hair post-shower.  I will save the styling video for another post!  I will post links to the products below the video!

The best brush for detangling without pulling out a lot of hair.  It is gentler and works great on kids too.  You can buy it here.  

Does 10 things including is a leave in conditioner, and protectant.  Buy it here

This is the knock off version of the “It’s a 10” and is much cheaper.  Can be bought here

I only use this on the crown of my head, start at my roots and blend out.  It can be bought here. 

This can be added to the top of your head as well for extra volume.  You can buy it hereThis is a great hair treatment for your hair when wet, but I also use a bit sometimes at the tips of my hair when it’s really dry.  You can buy it here.  The other oil option I like and I honestly prefer this one can be bought here.  Fekkai Brilliant glossing is the ending to all my styles.  Buy it here

Not your Mother’s dry shampoo can be bought here.  I love their scents and it’s cheap!

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play (nothing better for volume) can be bought here.

That’s it!  I would love to hear any volumizing tips you all might have!